Friday, June 14, 2024
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An over the top snapshot and the daily blog

Help you navigate through the New York City fog.

Under the radar, public school kids, on or off the grid 

Comment on a sailor’s tack or a competing kayak,

An apprentice rower, or a zodiac egomaniac!


Welcome finbacks, wetbacks, and humpbacks,

Locked in some kind of marine immigration migration.

If you are just a guest, a violating statue climber in protest,

You who receive a letter grade or steer a ship parade!

All  worldly  composers  who trumpet a swing-time ring,

Or sing like the harp or pluck a guitar string… welcome!


NYHC Alerts lets you know of concerts, 

Interactive broadcasts or edgy educational podcasts. 

The Harbor is home to Navy tales, marine tracking and Right whales.

Sea captains and ships perform the Harbor dance on an International platform.

Inbound container traffic beam radio waves to the ocean galactic.

Appealing to fanatic aquatics, from seasoned Tugboat crews

Bring news up and down the seaboard to freighters of Santa Cruz.


Of course Event reviews, Environmental Interviews 

VFWs, or sea rescue overviews.

An open forum discussion or a featured story,

We’re bringing you the city in all of it’s glory.


We run the gamut from First-class QE2, to a sludge-barge boiler room.

NYHC is your go-to spot on anything hot.

We report the news of a dinner cruise.

Cool to the touch is a double-hulled steel plate,

Your one-stop shop will navigate.

We describe the movement in these terms,

of people, cargo, and maybe the occasional pachyderm. 


Landscapes, seascapes and skyscraper shadows,

You can read all about it today or tomorrow.

Looking for Contributors to discuss on our Open Mike,

Student reporters offer coverage on submersibles or satellite. 

Travelogues sent from the poles or the tropic,

Each month we focus on a history topic.


You can read about a British pirate of colonial veneer 

on the hunt for brash provocateur French privateer, 

Or a Viking Norwegian pilot or a rogue Cantonese junk on a Hong Kong water bank. 

Is turtle conservation your passion, or perhaps coral preservation generates your reaction? 

Come Track some sharks by a Cape Cod naturalist, 

Schedule NY’s timetable for edible oysters with a marine biologist.

Waterfront up close and personal from Beijing

To Sydney, Oslo, Bangkok and Darjiling


Our Brooklyn beacon is connected around the world. 

So we thank you for being informed engaged and involved. 

Join us daily, hourly or specific or generally, 

Breaking or archived articles and recording 

We’ve got intel on current events, neatly sorted—

This is the New York Harbor Channel, reporting.