Tuesday, October 3, 2023
USNS Maury, New York Harbor Channel

NYHC Podcast Episode 1: USNS Maury: The Physical Ship and It’s Instruments

NYHC Podcast - Episode 1: USNS Maury: The Physical Ship and It's Instruments Did you know? The New York Harbor Channel has a podcast! In Episode...

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Whale deaths and offshore wind farms; a connection?

  Our position: We’re not yet sure there’s a link.  Correlation does not have to = causation. We're aware of these towers going up in near...

Shark Research in the New York Bight with Dr. Craig O’Connell

Dr. Craig O’Connell is the co-founder and executive director of O’Seas Conservation Foundation, Inc based in Montauk.  Dr. O’Connell's nonprofit foundation focus's on researching different species of sharks through camera studies, bycatch reduction technologies, and underwater video surveillance.

‘Sing The Bay Fantastic’ Janie Meneely Songbook Now Available

Janie Meneely, a songwriter, wrote a poem some years back on Grandma Polly, a true story from the Radcliffe clan, and Senator from Maryland describing their feisty relative. Apparently, Grandma Polly was upset when she found out the British commandeered the family merchant vessel and took her husband with it.