Retrospective: A Close to the Year of Walt Whitman’s Birthday Bicentennial

Lady recites poetry in celebration of Walt Whitman's 200th Birthday alongside New York Harbor.

A Thank You to Walt Whitman

Before 2019 comes to its close, we thought admirers of Walt Whitman would like to listen to the speakers of our 200th Birthday Bicentennial Celebration held on May 11th.  During the ceremony, our literary contributors, Anne Waldman, Anthony Magistrale, and No Land praised the mid 19th century Brooklyn based poet.  At this time, we need to acknowledge and congratulate the 100+ organizations that also celebrated Whitman’s Bicentennial around New York City and the world.
anne - walt whitman eventAnne Waldman
anthony - walt whitman event
Anthony Magistrale

Walt Whitman’s Legacy

Indeed, Whitman’s  ‘Crossing Brooklyn Ferry’ will continue to flow through time as the one work where the oyster harvesters, iron-workers, sailors, fishermen, and commuters all contribute equally to paint the day in the life of the New York Harbor.   Listening to the segments posted here, you can take a few seconds to immerse yourself in Whitman’s watery footprint.   We wish you well, Walt Whitman!

Anne Waldman co-founded the Jack Kerouac School with Allen Ginsberg and continues her work as an internationally acclaimed poet.

Anthony Magistrale is an author, poet, and former chair of the English Department at the University of Vermont.

No Land is a local Brooklyn artist equally versed in photography, poetry, and music.

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