Royal Carribbean’s Anthem Of The Seas Finally Leaves

After three days of concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, Royal Carribbean’s Anthem Of The Seas has finally left New York Harbor.  The cruise ship was originally scheduled to depart port this past Saturday from its terminal in Cape Liberty on a routine voyage to the Bahamas.  Instead, it is now steaming to Bermuda.  Uncharacteristic was a quick spin off New York City’s Battery for a view of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  Normally, Anthem Of The Sea leaves Cape Liberty and directly heads out to sea without passing the iconic skyline and historic monuments.

We remain optimistic that this will be the only case of Coronavirus fears in New York Harbor.  Four guests that arrived on the ship Friday night were sent to a local hospital in New Jersey for screening and observation to detect if they had contracted the Coronavirus.  Anthem Of The Seas so far has been the only cruise ship on the East Coast of the United States to be affected with screenings and/or quarantine.  All passengers were advised there was no threat of infection.  Three cruise ships in the China Sea have quarantined passengers or have been denied access to dock.


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